Huge MAC Haul!

This is long overdue! Overdone! Burnt! I went $hopping and got an AWESOME DISCOUNT because as it’s known – unless i’m confused and mistaken – MAC does not have sales *heart shatters a little*. A while ago MAC had a 25% off sale on everything…ON EVERYTHING!!! I lost my breath, sat in a bathtub and hyperventilated for 31 minutes with the shower on cold. 

opening pic.jpg

Now, some of you may not classify this as a huge haul, but due to the price of MAC products, I would say that this is HUGE! *ends disclaimer* I picked up eye products, face products and lip products – let’s dive in ☺

soft ochre 3.jpg

This is the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the colour “Soft Ochre”. I’ve always wanted to try this paint pot, but in the colour “painterly”. When the sale was announced, I knew that it was my duty to own a paint pot LOL. I swatched them both in store and Painterly seemed cooler (purple-y/blue-ish), and Soft Ochre was very warm and yellow based so I picked him up instead.

Here are some swatches of the Paint Pot without and with flash.

Shadow pic 2.jpg

I purchased this eyeshadow “Amber Lights” because it looked pretty online when I searched for swatches (and because I needed to reach a certain dollar amount to avoid paying shipping which I LOATHE). I actually wanted “Brown Script”, but MAC’s customers are rude and didn’t consider me and my feelings and purchased them all online..gone…SOLDOUT..Am I the only one offended?!

Now I just need to get or make a cute Z-palette to store him in…then i must fill this Z-palette with more shadows *cackles*

Some swatches of the new family member.

blush and box.jpg

Mrs. Melba! I’ve literally been wanting to try this for a few years, please don’t question me on why I procrastinated.. Just know that I take immediate action when I hear “$ale”. 

Melba is so pretty that it actually makes me slightly uncomfortable. It’s so beautiful!

Now i’ve been wanting to get a brown MAC lipliner for a while, either Cork or Chestnut – clearly i’ve made my decision. Plum looked beautiful when I swatched it in-store so I had to bring her home too ☺ (notice how I say I had to as if I was forced?)

Eventually i’ll likely get Chestnut as well, it’s a deeper brown which would come in handy depending on the lip that i’m rocking.


These 3 beauties (top to bottom) are “Fresh Brew”, “Touch”, and “Whirl”.


This is a Patent Polish Lip Pencil in the colour “French Kiss”. It’s beautiful! 



This is a Lip Glass in the colour “Spite”. Absolutely stunning! I love this gloss.

From left to right: Whirl, Touch, Fresh Brew, French Kiss, Spite

*Exhales* Those are all of the goodies that I got! I had to restrain myself from using them until I took some photos for my blog! Once I finished my photo op, everything was swatched violently lol ☺

Until next time my fellow makeup addicts, arrivederci ♥



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