Anastasia Beverly Hills | Modern Renaissance Palette

Greetings! It’s 2017!! Are you ready to take the year by storm? I know I am *flips senegalese twists over my right shoulder like Beyoncé would*

So if you’ve heard of this palette, then you may be aware that this is from last year.. summer-ish? So it’s not really news, but that certainly won’t stop me from discussing how amazing it is in 2017 😥 *Cue the music that’s played during the old school philadelphia cream cheese commercials from 2001*.

Okay quick story, so I saw this palette online and decided that it was absolutely necessary for me to investigate this palette further. I headed to my local Sephora and swatched the colours from the palette…. I damn near passed out….

With flash
Without flash

It’s actually a bit repulsive how beautiful these shadows are!! 😥 my eyes are welling up with tears as I type LOL. Okay enough of the dramatics.. for now… the palette is seriously gorgeous. It was sold out in store, online and at other stores in nearby cities so I put the hunt on pause. I decided to purchase the palette online from Urban Outfitters. It was on backorder, but i’m a patient person and didn’t mind the wait 🙂 

Some thoughts on this palette are that all of the shades, and I mean ALLLLL are very pigmented but have ALOT of fallout. I don’t mind fallout from shadows as long as the product is pigmented. If not, i’d likely chuck the item in an incinerator.. anyhow *adjusts crown* I seriously love this palette. Once i finally used it on my face, i felt compelled to use it for the following 2 nights out.. the exact..same..look. Obsessed? Yes, the answer is yes. 

I recorded a video on my YouTube channel talking about my first thoughts and of course everyone’s (well at least mine..) favourite part, swatches! Check it out below:

Ladies and gentleman, do any of you have it? Can anyone proudly join me in this sick (BUT HEALTHY) obsession? It gives me butterflies 🙂

xox Leesh


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