MAC Haul | Prelude

….*slowly stops filing nails*.. Seasons greetings! *clears throat* well it’s been a few weeks of absolutely nothing on here.. thank goodness that I don’t have a huge following yet to cuss me out LOL! Nonetheless in short, I was a bit preoccupied with work and some other things – you know, the usual since i’m a mortal human. So it’s just a matter of balancing everything accordingly so that I can continue to post here without large gaps/hiccups – I truly am enjoying blogging so far! It feels like i’m writing in a diary. Balancing a full-time job and your personal life while blogging and maintaining a YouTube channel can be a bit difficult but definitely doable especially if you enjoy it – which I do immensely – so HERE I AM!! ☺ *Senegalese braids begin blowing in artificial wind*

Anyhow, because this is the last day of 2016, I want to present the prelude to my huge MAC haul (at least I consider it to be huge..Maybe large not huge.. yes, large). This will be coming in a few days, i’m still getting the post ready and want it to be of awesome quality!

The haul will consist of a lot of lip products, eye products and face products, and of course will include swatches ;).

I hope your Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas)/holidays were awesome! There is 3.25 hours left of 2016 (eastern time where I reside), and it was a beautiful year for me – many milestones. I hope your year was blessed and beautiful, stay safe and ring in 2017 with a bang! …i’ll be happily doing so in my fabulous red robe courtesy of my mother *flips hair like Beyoncé*. 



Leesh x0

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