Indeed Nanoblur Primer

Hola! Bonjour! Sasa! Hello! My lovely mother knows how utterly obsessed I am with make-up and new products (I think she is too – but that’s besides the point) so she’ll usually tell me about some new products that she’s tried, heard about, or buy me the product that she’s heard good things about and this is one of them – thank you again my beautiful queen!  She purchased this primer from Shoppers Drug Mart for approximately $16.00 CDN. 


Here are the ingredients below ☺


One thing i noticed immediately is that it’s nothing like the primers that i’m used to (a plethora of silicones, extremely slippery, etc.). When I first used the primer, one of the areas i applied it was under the eyes and proceeded to put my concealer on shortly after. The primer clung onto my concealer for dear life! I had to work a lot faster because there are less silicones in this primer compared to Benefit’s porefessional or Maybelline’s Baby Skin, which I normally use. I noticed that my concealer seemed a bit patchy, this was due to me working it in too slow, so I had to apply a bit more concealer and use a wetter-than-normal blending sponge.

When first applied, the primer is a bit tacky, then dries to a smoother finish. What’s funny is I never realised how intense the blur effect actually is from this primer until swatching my hand and after an extended amount of time had passed while I was takig pictures! My hand TOTALLY looks photoshopped – as if it’s been blurred or smudged, am I crazy?!


While I was capturing photos i was confused by how smooth the primer made my hand look!

Needless to say, i’m very intrigued by the effects of this product, and definitely have more experimenting to do! I’ve used the primer about 2 or 3 times, and what I did notice the 2nd/3rd time is that my makeup goes NO WHERE! Sometimes I tend to crease relentlessly especially if I use certain products directly under the eye – *whispers* Maybelline fit me concealer – I also tend to crease even after using my beloved MAC Prolongwear Concealer if it’s been a long night. But when I used this primer, my concealer was sitting very comfortably on the face LOL! I was surprised how good the concealer still looked a few hours after application! 

I think mother is on to something here! i’m going to keep playing with this primer, allowing it to dry to the touch before continuing my makeup, and see how well it performs after a long night out. I’ll likely make a YouTube video about my final thoughts about this primer after giving it a run for it’s money for a few weeks;).

Enjoy your week lovelies – inhale positivity, exhale negativity, smile, repeat



2 thoughts on “Indeed Nanoblur Primer

  1. Christina

    This product is amazing…I have sampled a lot..this one works great for me.. When I apply it I let it set then apply the rest of my make up. Glad you had a positive result…spread the love and knowledge

    Liked by 1 person

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