MAC Nutcracker Face Compact | Whisper of Gilt Returns?!

Readers.. ladies and gentleman… mortals… Hi. I need a moment of silence….. Excuse my yelling but HAVE YOU SEEN THE SWEET COPPER FACE COMPACT?! *wipes away tears* 

Image from:

Clearly I must’ve been under a rock to not have put in my calendar when MAC would be releasing their Christmas items.. which occurred basically a month ago!! This specific palette features a blush called “Pleasure Model” and… the infamous “Whisper of Gilt” which is a disgustingly popular highlighter. Once I caught wind of this beautiful duo, it was already sold out – not a shocker. I went to my local MAC store today and they confirmed that it was sold out from day one *ugly cries*. I swatched the duo in the store and melted inside. I am determined to get my hands on one! I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I MUST AND WILL HAVE IT!!! I’m optimistic and can feel it in my wallet… it will be mine! Were any of you lucky enough to get your hands on this compact? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment below! I’m going to go ahead and dig for this item and stalk MAC’s website, wish me luck and we’ll chat next week Monday – maybe sooner if my mission succeeds 😉

-Leesh ♥

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