Lost Over 100 Pounds Naturally | Video

Hello my lovelies! This is a story near and dear to me – this will be summarized unless you guys would like a more in depth follow-up, let me know. In the span of 1.5 years, I lost over 100 lbs (3 years ago now) and have kept it off. I didn’t receive any surgery, I didn’t drink any special teas, no waist trainers, no bull. I just worked my ass off (literally, and i’m squatting and praying for it to return, amen).

Just to be clear, no tea or shade to anyone who has had surgery (which i considered), drinks the teas (which I’ve tried), takes the supplements (tried these as well), waist trainers (didn’t get to these bad boys yet), i’m just saying that I didn’t reach my success with those routes – but they were apart of my trials and tribulations 🙂

I Just uploaded a YouTube video talking about my journey and my tips in hopes to motivate those who also are struggling with their goals (been there done that, multiplied by 17). Please take a moment to watch the video, subscribe here -> 2 clicks to subscribe! , LIKE for a job well done (I say this humbly), and leave a comment :).

I could go on and on regarding the trials and tribulations that I’ve faced with my weight, but i’m so glad that i went through them. The same people that taunted me when I was my heaviest have asked me for advice, which I had absolutely no issue supplying. I don’t kick anyone when they’re down regardless of how they’ve treated me.

Shall we indulge in some before and afters? I think we shall *pours tea*:

Left I had lost a bit of weight, give or take 30-40lbs? Right: Caribana 2015
My heaviest weight – 255lbs 2008
Left I had lost a bit of weight, give or take 30-40lbs? Right: Caribana 2015












Put your plans and goals into action, and make a change that you wont regret! Let’s get fit!

xo Leeshy

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