I’m Officially a YouTuber!

*hyperventilates for a few minutes… give or take 7 minutes*

I cannot believe that I have finally created a channel! Two things that I’ve always wanted to do is blog and create a YouTube channel, the latter being the most overdue. I’m ridiculously excited about it and cannot wait to share content with the world to see 🙂 One major thing.. I TOTALLY need to upgrade my camera. Since the whole idea of showcasing a make-up look is the detail, it would be a good idea for me to get a camera that will correctly display the details 🙂 Duh? I did however want to commit, create the channel and post something with what I currently had – working with what I got y’know? It was so much friggin fun and I want to provide content of wicked quality so that upgrade is coming within the next month *cheers for myself, by myself*. I’ve also wanted to dabble in photography but procrastinated to get a fancy,”oh wow! What’s this button for?!”, type of camera. WELL NOW I HAVE THE PERFECT EXCUSE! Okay, while I calm myself the hell down, please check out my very first YouTube video below! It’s a long one so grab a coffee or caffeinated green tea with a snack and enjoy! Like, comment, subscribe here: 2 clicks to subscribe! , and let me know your thoughts!

Gracias! Besos!

Leesh xo

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